Services offered:

1. Solid axle swaps done completely with frame bracing and beautiful welds. We range from leaf sprung swaps done commonly to the ever popular 3 link kit with pan hard all the way to the 4 link. Customers choice of shocks, coil springs, or coil covers.

2. 4runner bobs, bed bobs, roof chops. Everything done nice and neat with professional repairs.

3. Power steering upgrades. Ifs power steering box conversion, hydro ram assist installation as well as full hydraulic.

4. Cleaning of frames and axles can be done as well as welding on brackets for the do–it-yourselfer.

5. Toyota 3rz 4cyl and 5vz V6 swap wiring into later model 4runners and trucks.

6. Axle rebuilds and differential installation and servicing available.

7. Installation of spacer lifts, bracket drop kits, and body lifts done as well.

For the car fanatics we offer 1jz and 2jz swap wiring, coil cover mounting, fender flaring, and stancing.

All of this is completed in our shop which utilizes the best tools for every project. We boast both mig and tig welders as well as a full size lift in a heated shop.

We employ the use of a plasma cutter to remove all brackets to allow for cleaner surfaces and less heat transfer. After the brackets and all ifs components are removed and eliminated everything is tacked in place, the suspension is cycled to check for interference, fully welded, and then primed upon completion.

We are a Trail Gear supplier for the Olympic Northwest. We are available by appointment only Monday-Saturday between the hours of 10am and 7pm at this time.

Please call (360)490-3703 for pricing, parts, appointments, and quotes. If leaving a message please leave your name, number, and a small description of what you are inquiring about.

Cougar House Garage 4×4 Shelton Wa

About The Author
- I am owner and operate at Cougar House Garage. Born and raised in Washington State. I love working on, customizing and building 4x4 trucks and other high end vehicles, so much I made it my job!

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